About Us

Physicore is a boutique studio concept offering functional training, full body conditioning with a strong focus on building core strength. Our fitness philosophy is simple: when it comes to getting results, you don’t need more time, you just need more intensity.

With this in mind, our 50 minute classes deliver a unique fitness experience that burns calories, strengthens, lengthens and sculpts your body, in ways other exercise methods cannot. Fast.

Since bringing Physicore’s unique fitness offering to Sydney in 2012, we have sculpted, toned and transformed the physiques of thousands of Sydney-siders.

Physicore was the first fitness operator to bring Lagree Fitness and the Megaformer to Australia and we’re proud to be part of a global network of Lagree studios offering what we believe is the safest and most effective form of fitness, endorsed by celebrities and athletes worldwide.

Physicore has featured in many newspapers, magazines and blogs, which can be accessed here.

Any questions? Please read our FAQ page. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please give us a call on 0411542229.

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