May 24th

Roadtest: Lagree Fitness on the Supraformer

Physicore trainer Sharnee was recently in LA and took a 25 minute workout with the man behind the Megaformer, Sebastien Lagree, on his latest creation, the Supraformer. Curious?  So were we!  Read on for the gory detail…. As an Aussie Megaformer trainer, a recent trip to LA was the perfect opportunity to swing by the studio…

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Apr 20th

MYZONE: What can you expect?

Team Physicore road-tests MYZONE The team at Physicore have been hard at work, putting their bodies on the line in preparation for the launch of MYZONE on 26 April. In a two-part series of posts on The Core, we hear from them about their first week’s training with the new technology. Today, it’s Physicore’s general dogsbody and…

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Apr 18th

Trainer spotlight: Rebecca

Ever wonder what makes our trainers tick? Each month we’ll be putting the spotlight on a Physicore instructor to find out a little more about what they get up to when they’re not encouraging you to embrace the shake. This month: Rebecca (aka Bec) Bec is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor with the…

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