Megaformer and TRX Revolutionise Functional Training for Surry Hills.

At Physicore, we know that when you exercise, you want to see results fast. We also understand that most people don’t have the time to work out for hours a day. Our 50 minute classes are short, sharp and effective, that deliver a full body workout that will get you the results you want, fast. We have three studios, all in great locations with stylish fitouts, and all exclusively offering the Megaformer workout in Sydney. You will get a highly personalised experience and exceptional customer service, with small intimate classes that support a highly motivated community spirit. Don’t settle for a complicated, impersonal gym contract again. If you’re interested in challenging yourself in a high intensity functional workout, choose one of Physicore’s boutique studios in Paddington, Mosman and Surry Hills today.

The Megaformer is a 50 minute high intensity workout combining cardio, strength, endurance, functional and core training. Often referred to as ‘Pilates on steroids’, the Megaformer is an evolutionary re-design of the Pilates reformer, where you move seamlessly through a progression of exercises with fast transitions, using slow and controlled movements. The Megaformer allows the user to precisely control resistance via its ergonomic spring tension design, while offering a constant challenge to core stability and balance. Working out on the Megaformer is unlike any Pilates class you might have seen or taken before: get ready for something so much better. Regular Megaformer users will see improved muscle tone with leaner definition, fat loss, weight control and other associated cardio benefits. And it’s suitable for all fitness levels. The Megaformer was designed by Los Angeles based celebrity trainer, Sebastien Lagree, and is exclusively licensed to Physicore in Sydney.

Interested in functional training in Surry Hills? Challenge yourself with the Megaformer at Physicore. As well as the exclusive Megaformer workout, our Surry Hills studio offers TRX, a 50 minute high intensity workout that works multiple muscle groups. TRX uses a series of fast, explosive movements with controlled positions and resistance. TRX allows for easy and instant modification to provide different resistance, making it suitable for all fitness levels.

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