Weather Holding You back? No Problem. Train All Year Round With Physicore Group Fitness in Mosman.

When the temperature starts to drop, we know it’s often tempting to stay inside under the blanket rather than get outside and workout in the cold. And the summer heat is really no more conducive to outdoor exercise either. But don’t go into hibernation mode just yet: Physicore’s boutique fitness studios provide the perfect workout conditions all year round. Come and visit us for our group fitness in Mosman regardless of the weather. We stay dry and warm in the winter and air conditioned throughout the summer. We also offer complimentary showers, towels, toiletries and hair dryers for our clients.

Your fitness goals and needs are our priority at Physicore. Our intimate fitness classes are designed to work every inch of your body, giving you a chance to smash your goals without having to give over your life to fitness. Our exclusive Megaformer workout (we’re the only licensee of Megaformer in Sydney) targets improved strength, flexibility, balance, as well as working your core, all within a 50 minute class. That’s all it will take out of your day, and you’ll start to feel the results sooner than you think. If you like group fitness but find you’re not getting much of the trainer’s attention, you’ll love our group fitness classes in Mosman, Surry Hills and Paddington where the small, intimate classes (maximum of only 10 Megaformers in class) give you the feel of a more personalised workout. We also know that working out on your own can get boring and leave you feeling unmotivated and that there’s nothing like having buddies in the same boat to motivate and get you through a tough workout. We’re all ‘shaking, sweating and burning’ together!

So give us a call (02 8964 8285), or take a look at our timetable ( to book your first class with us today. We can’t wait to meet you!

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