Get Up and Go With Group Fitness in Surry Hills

At Physicore, we know that the social element of group fitness, alongside feeling and looking great, is something that keeps people coming back every week. As with anything, doing things with friends is almost always better than going it alone, and breaking a sweat is no different. In our group workout classes, the community spirit is infectious with trainers and clients, motivating and inspiring one another to help push clients to their limits. Our experienced trainers are hands on and willing to take you to your limits every single time you train with us.

Our boutique fitness studios are open from 6:00 am to 8:30 pm, so no matter what your schedule is you can join in on our group fitness in Surry Hills. Every Megaformer and TRX class is individually curated by the trainer, this means the classes are always exciting and challenging and your body never gets complacent. Plus, we’re the only licensed studio in Sydney that offers the Megaformer. So if you and your friends have tried regular group fitness or Pilates classes and want to take it to the next level, then try one of our classes today. If your fitness matters to you then we can promise you results that just won’t be possible from other boutique studios or Pilates classes. We also offer hybrid classes combining kettlebells and TRX, with the Megaformer, allowing you an almost endless combination of workouts to keep your body guessing. Get your best body yet with Physicore and have a blast while doing it!

If you need some extra motivation then join in on our group fitness in Surry Hills. To book your first class check out our timetable at

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