Physicore Studio in Mosman: Bringing Pilates into the 21st Century

Physicore is not a gym; we’re a high intensity, boutique fitness studio. We offer unique, performance and results-based workouts for people who want to get in shape, without spending all day in a gym. At our studio in Mosman, ‘Pilates on steroids’ is the term that most accurately describes our unique Megaformer workout.

Mega-what? The Megaformer is both the name of the equipment and the workout performed on it. The equipment, a revolutionary redesign of the traditional Pilates reformer comprises of a moving ‘carriage’ connected via springs to a static base. The use of springs allows for very precise control of the resistance involved with each exercise, making it suitable for all levels of fitness. Developed by Los Angeles based celebrity trainer, Sebastien Lagree, the Megaformer workout is offered exclusively by Physicore in Sydney, the first Megaformer studio in Australia. Our Megaformer workout in Mosman is an intense full body workout like no other, with cardio, strength training, endurance and core benefits all achievable in one 50 minute session.

The Megaformer workout will move from one exercise to the next with quick, seamless transitions, without rests. The slow, controlled movements help promote a higher level of fat burn, giving you pronounced results after as little as 2 weeks of training. Megaformer also helps with managing weight, increasing muscle tone and helping you to improve your body shape. Anyone who has been on the Megaformer will tell you, once you have trained on it, the traditional Pilates reformers of yesteryear will be a frustrating disappointment.

All of our Physicore locations are designed for a premium, personalised experience, with smaller intimate classes and stylish, well equipped studios. Our goal is great client service and amazing training results. Don’t get locked into a gym contract again! We offer a range of pricing options, from pay-as-you-go single classes to incredible value monthly passes and unlimited classes with our new membership.

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