MYZONE: What can you expect?

Team Physicore road-tests MYZONE

The team at Physicore have been hard at work, putting their bodies on the line in preparation for the launch of MYZONE on 26 April. In a two-part series of posts on The Core, we hear from them about their first week’s training with the new technology. Today, it’s Physicore’s general dogsbody and fixer-upper Tom:

“Firstly, a disclaimer: the MYZONE MZ-3 belt could seriously damage your social life.

I’ve been using it for the last 10 days, and all I can think about the next time I can strap it on and get my heart pumping. Everything else goes out the window. Pub tonight? Nah, sorry guys i’m out running laps around the park. Sunday morning lie-in with the family? Sorry kiddies, I’ve got a HIITCore class to attend. 

MYZONE App Display April 2016










My first class was a HIITCore [Strength] with Andrew. I burned 714 calories, my average heart rate was 136, hit a maximum of 174 and earned 166 MEPS.   Two days later, I was back for more HIITCore [Strength], this time with David. This time around, I smashed through 718 calories, averaging a heart rate of 134 and earning 159 MEPS.

With two [Strength] classes under my belt, I had to see what a HIITCore [Cardio] class would do: 682 calories, average heart rate of 136 and 157 MEPS. This told me two things: either I was getting fitter (and thus able to keep my heart rate down in spite of the cardio nature of the class) or the [Cardio] class was getting easier. 

Now on a roll, I decided to hit the open road next and took myself off for a 6km jog around the park a few days later. After 32 minutes, I’d burned through 512 calories, managed an average heart rate of 156 and picked up another 122 MEPS.

There was one final test, the Physicore team HIITCore [Cardio] session. I was determined that having established my baseline, I had to push myself and see my efforts rewarded. Thankfully after 50 minutes of hell hard work, the results were there for all to see: 781 calories, average of 137 (with a max of 173) and 180 MEPS.

I have found MYZONE both an entertaining addition to my training, and now that I have worked out my own baseline, an invaluable tool for my own self-improvement. Just don’t get in my way!”

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