Sharnee Lee Scott


Sharnee’s passion for core conditioning stems from her dance background; classical ballet, jazz and lyrical dance and her creative passion is her music. Her years of performance in dance and guitar playing span over decades.

Her love of movement inspired her to qualify as a Fitness & Multi-Apparatus Pilates Instructor. With the Megaformer, she discovered the most effective way of applying her multi-disciplinary knowledge to help clients achieve a leaner physique, improved posture, flexibility, strength and well-being (whilst loving their atmosphere). Her Mega-Passion has seen take/teach many classes around the USA, closely studying and applying the fascinating Lagree Fitness science.

Friendly, yet a real motivator, Sharnee expects mental commitment in clients. She prides herself on: modifying for all levels; being knowledgeable and form-focused (clear verbal cues, visual demos and hands-on adjustments); and, her programming and music play-list skills (pumping tunes with emphasis on body composition, posture and total body; leaving no muscle untrained)!

Her favourite Megaformer exercise: Flying Scrambled Eggs with Tricep Extension.