Physicore Member Spotlight: Kirsten Brito

Kirsten has been a Physicore Surry Hills regular since October 2018. You may have seen her smiley – yet determined – face on the Megaformer next to you, or shared a Megaformer selfie after class! We’ve been blown away by Kirsten’s progress and the results she’s achieved during the relatively short time she’s been training with us. Truly an inspiration!

We caught up with Kirsten to get the lowdown on her Physicore journey so far, the demands of running her own business, and how she stays motivated.

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Please tell us a little about your training program prior to starting Physicore and why you decided to give Physicore a try?

I was attending HIIT classes and (suffering) on the treadmill before I discovered Physicore. I was progressing with my old routine but was at a point where I was bored and working out became a painful chore. I grew up dancing so it wasn’t until I was a young adult that I started going to the gym and attending fitness classes to specifically keep fit as opposed to doing something I found fun that happened to work for my body. I think that may have influenced what kind of classes I enjoy attending since I tend to lean towards activities that are dynamic and constantly changing, as opposed to doing the same thing over and over again. 

We’re dying to know how you found your first Physicore class, could you share your experience with us?

One of my fitness fanatic friends invited me to a Physicore x Lululemon community class. I’m fairly active, though not like a legit athlete, but I was still so surprised at how awfully unfit I felt during the class! It was only 30 minutes but my whole body got an intense full body work out. I remember sitting on my couch after, completely destroyed, thinking what just happened?! It really challenged me and right there and then I knew the Megaformer was something I wanted to conquer. 

How often do you come to Physicore and what results have you noticed? 

I aim to complete three Physicore classes per week, four if I’m feeling strong. I try and space out my classes throughout the week so that my body has time to recover. I noticed a significant change in just the first two months of starting Physicore. My waist is slimmer, my back has toned up and my problem areas which are my arms and thighs, have trimmed. I still have a long way to go with my fitness goals but I think I’m finally headed towards the right direction.

We’d love to know what your day on a plate looks like and what you typically eat.

I’ve had several ups and down with my fitness over the years. It’s taken a lot of trial and error to figure out what works best for my body. I read up on professional advice but I think, at the end of the day, we all have different bodies so one thing may work for someone but not necessarily for me. I’ve found my body reacts negatively to carbs. I adore carbs but they make me bloat in an instant! I TRY and make sensible choices during the week and designate one cheat day so that I can go all out on whatever I’ve been craving during the week. This strategy motivates me to pick quality “cheat” food, as opposed to eating normal junk throughout the week. My cheat day is a reward for being disciplined and has been the most sustainable solution for me that allows me to keep my sanity!

You recently started your own business – congratulations #ladyboss! Tell us a bit about it, what a typical day looks like for you and how you plan your workouts around work?

My friend and I recently started a wedding services business, When I Say I Do. I think one of my biggest challenges with transitioning from corporate to running my own business is creating a day-to-day structure. I’ve been working on being more intentional with my mindset and maintaining a designated work space at home as I find these factors have a significant impact on my productivity. The best days are when I start with some bullet coffee, a bit of reading, followed by a mid-morning Physicore class which really helps kick start the day. I typically choose the mid-morning classes since the early morning sessions are always full and can get hectic. I’m relishing my slow mornings as one of my job perks, although this balances out since I tend to work well into the night. Most days are spent strategising how we can best showcase our skill sets to potential clients and learning how to be all-round women, as is usually the case with a lean team! The really fun days are when we get to meet clients to develop ideas and work on making their dream day into reality. 

For wedding inspo or to find out more about When I Say I Do, check out their Instagram profile and be sure to give them a follow!

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