Seeking Something Different From Your Average Pilates Class in Mosman? Try the Megaformer at Physicore

Every wondered how your favourite celebrities get their toned and fit bodies? The increasingly popular Megaformer, a complete redesign of the traditional reformer Pilates equipment, has been adopted by the likes of Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Anniston. Developed by celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree and now offered exclusively in Sydney by Physicore, the Megaformer has been designed for people seeking a more challenging Pilates-style workout, one that incorporates cardio, strength training and endurance, while minimising the risk of injury. If you’ve tried reformer pilates in Mosman, then consider trying the Megaformer for a new challenge. We know you’ll be hooked!

While intense, the Megaformer workout is suitable for people of all fitness levels, as it can be easily adapted for beginners, and likewise for experts. Reformer Pilates in Mosman won’t be the same thanks to Physicore. Our ‘Pilates on steroids’ Megaformer class lasts 50 minutes and clients can burn up to 600 calories per session. Our workouts feature no rests, while the exercises themselves emphasise slow, controlled, targeted muscle movements, to encourage enhanced and sculpted muscle development. Serving Sydney for the past three years, Physicore now has three convenient locations, including a boutique studio in Mosman.

Anyone interested in a challenging new take on Pilates in the Mosman area should consider taking a look at the Megaformer classes offered at Physicore. New clients also receive our special introductory, so come and try us today.

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