Valid 2 weeks

Unlimited classes* for $265/month SIX month contract.
Billed monthly

*Important terms and conditions apply

Unlimited classes* for
$299 ONE month contract.
One upfront payment

*Important terms and conditions apply

Single class


Four classes
($33.75 per class)


Eight classes
($29.38 per class)


Physicore offers a variety of class packages, passes and memberships to complement your lifestyle and fitness goals. These can be purchased using our secure online booking system. Once a package, pass or membership has been purchased you will be able to reserve spots in Physicore classes. Please understand that all classes must be pre-paid. We highly recommend pre-booking group classes via our online class timetable to guarantee your place.

New client offer

The best new client offer currently available in fitness. For new clients, come and give Physicore a go for just $42. You will receive 4 classes to use within 2 weeks. New clients can attend any Physicore class at any of our studios, with the exception of MegaHIIT. To purchase our new client offer, click here.

Six Month Membership

Our Six Month Membership provides the best value option for clients who want to make Physicore a regular part of their training regime. With access to UNLIMITED classes (capped at ONE per day), the Six Month Membership is a contractual arrangement between Physicore and the client for a period of six months.  Billed monthly.

One Month Membership

A great value option for clients who wish to attend Physicore regularly but without the commitment of an ongoing contract.  With access to UNLIMITED classes (capped at ONE per day), the One Month Membership is a contractual agreement between Physicore and the client for one calendar month. One upfront payment, expires one calendar month from the start date.

Class Packages

Our class packages provide the most flexible option for clients. Purchase your chosen package and then book in whenever convenient. Your class package has a THREE month term from the date of purchase.

Privates and Gift certificates

Single 1 on 1 class


Single 2 on 1 class
($60 per person)


Ten 1 on 1 classes
($100 per class)


Single class


Four classes


Eight classes



Private Training

Physicore offers private training at all of our studios. Unfortunately we can only offer private classes when we do not have group classes scheduled. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements if you are interested in private training.

Gift Certificates

We sell Physicore gift certificates – the perfect gift of fitness. If you are looking for the ideal birthday, Christmas, anniversary or “for no particular reason” surprise, we offer a range of our class packages.

Terms and Conditions

  • All sales are final. NO refunds.
  • New Client Intro Pass, Class Packages and Memberships cannot be shared.
  • Class packages, gift certificates & private sessions valid for 3 months from date of purchase.
  • No extensions except in the case of injury supported by a valid medical certificate
  • Strict 12 hour cancellation policy applies to all group sessions, including rescheduling to another time. We understand unforeseen circumstances arise, however in the interests of being fair and consistent to all clients there will be no exceptions. Private lessons have a 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • If you book a class and subsequently do not attend, you have prevented another client from attending. You will forfeit payment for that class and a $20 “no show” fee will be charged. This policy applies to ALL clients, regardless of which class package or membership is held.
  • A $10 “late cancellation” fee per incident applies to bookings made by One Month and Six Month Unlimited Membership holders who cancel less than 12 hours prior. Clients on class packages who late cancel forfeit payment for the session.
  • New clients attending their first Megaformer class at Physicore are requested to arrive ten (10) minutes before the scheduled class start for an induction. In the event of a new client arriving late (i.e. after their scheduled class has started), Physicore reserves the right to refuse admission to that class. This is for client safety.
  • Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions for further details.