Already Tried Reformer Pilates in Neutral Bay? Try Something More Challenging With A Combination of Pilates, Strength Training, and Cardio with Megaformer at Physicore

Most people have heard of Pilates: a method of controlled movements that aids flexibility, posture, alignment and stability. But not many know about the Megaformer: a high intensity workout, derived from Pilates, with a more pronounced focus on cardio, strength, core and endurance training, that in turn can offer more impressive results. Physicore has taken reformer Pilates in Neutral Bay and surrounding suburbs, to the next level. Designed by celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree, the Megaformer improves upon the traditional Pilates reformer. It incorporates a moving carriage connected via springs to a static base. While the base allows for excellent stability, the springs allow for precise control over the level of resistance involved with each move, making it suitable for all fitness levels.

The Megaformer has cheekily been described as what to expect if Pilates, strength training and cardio had had a baby. Exclusively offered in Sydney by Physicore, workouts on the Megaformer can burn around 600 calories per session. All that shaking, sweating and burning isn’t for nothing!

We believe your wellbeing is well worth investing in at Physicore, and we’re proud to bring our clients a premiere and unique fitness solution. If you’ve tried reformer Pilates in Neutral Bay than why not challenge yourself with a Megaformer class? A range of pricing options are available from pay-as-you-go to monthly and unlimited memberships.

If you’re seeking amazing results without the long workout sessions, then move on from the out-dated Pilates reformer and try an intense, sweat inducing, muscle burning Megaformer class at Physicore. We know you won’t look back!

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