Roadtest: Lagree Fitness on the Supraformer

Physicore trainer Sharnee was recently in LA and took a 25 minute workout with the man behind the Megaformer, Sebastien Lagree, on his latest creation, the Supraformer. Curious?  So were we!  Read on for the gory detail….

As an Aussie Megaformer trainer, a recent trip to LA was the perfect opportunity to swing by the studio of its inventor, Sebastien Lagree, to check out his latest technological marvel, the Supraformer.

In addition to the Megaformer’s push and pull functionality, the Supraformer offers incline and tilting meaning all your favourite exercises just took on a whole new dimension (oh, and the trainer can control the incline / tilt at the touch of a remote control)!

As a recap, the Lagree method (known simply as Megaformer at Physicore) is unique in that it incorporates all five fitness components: endurance, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular training & body composition. It is a low-impact workout, but one that constantly challenges and excites you, or as I like to say “Shake, burn & sweat throughout and get a positive mental state coming out!”

Unlike some other exercises (e.g. running) that work on one plane of movement (front to back), Lagree is performed across all three planes (front to back, side to side, up and down). The workout uniquely targets both the larger muscle groups and the deeper stabilising muscles of the body, especially the core musculature. The genius of the Supraformer is that it can incrementally introduce users to these planes through both tilting and inclining.


It’s no wonder that models, athletes & Hollywood stars love it!

So here I was, facing the latest from the Lagree stable: a 25 minute workout on the Supraformer (trust me, 25 minutes was more than enough!).

The class kicked off with instant glute stimulation from ‘Runners Lunge’ (one leg slowly pushing backwards & uphill against resistance & gravity, whilst stabilising the other leg). This was followed soon after with some serious deep burn from ‘Skating’ (one leg slowly pushing sideways against resistance & gravity, from a tilted squat, the other leg acting as a stabiliser). The side tilt of the Supraformer means that your hands grip the handle bars and you hang off them to get your squat / body weight leaning back, which is so effective!).

Sebastien’s years of teaching expertise really come to the fore at this point as he ensures we continue to work slowly, with correct form and within the correct range of movement.

Compound exercises were next, and we performed these ‘uphill’ against the resistance & gravity in various exercises such as ‘Rowers Lunge’ and ‘Reverse Catfish’ (a core stabilising table-top exercise with knee bend/stretch & push-ups). More than 600 muscles are being activated in these exercises at once! My upper body felt especially challenged and sweaty in comparison to the non-incline versions of these exercises. It’s at this point that Sebastien announces we are halfway with just 12 minutes left.

An oblique and abdominal set finish up the class including ‘Reverse Teaser’ & ‘Reverse Super Crunch with Twist’. These movements perfectly illustrate how the incline & tilting functionality exponentially increases muscle activation.

The final verdict: I couldn’t believe the intense muscle soreness felt the following days especially in my glutes, lats & forearms from just a 25 minute workout.

 If you plan to go to LA, you’d be crazy not to try a Supraformer class. Thank you to Danielle & Sebastien Lagree for an incredible experience.  Lagree Fitness is undoubtedly the most innovative approach to full body conditioning and I’m so proud to teach it.


Sharnee teaches at all three Physicore studio locations.  To catch one of Sharnee’s Megaformer or MegaStretch classes, book your Megaformer HERE and select Sharnee from the drop down menu.

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