Spotlight on Lucinda Pitt

Lucinda Pitt

Lucinda has trained with us at Physicore for almost FIVE years! Most Paddo morning peeps would have shared a class with her at some stage or another (unless you train at 5.15am 😉 She’s an effervescent joker who loves to curse her way through the hard work but always leaves class with a bounce in her step. It’s only fitting that she is our very first member in the SPOTLIGHT

Tell us about your time at Physicore from the beginning …

I had walked and driven past Physicore countless times, intrigued but intimidated by what was going on behind the glass. Eventually I ‘womaned-up’ and enquired about a private lesson; I was too intimidated to just jump into a class without knowing and understanding what to do. Like many people who have done years of reformer pilates, I thought that would give me an advantage. It didn’t AT ALL. 

The two methods are wildly different and I found it pretty challenging as I was a wet noodle thanks to 12-hour days in front of a screen, lots of work travel, and the constant juggle that is solo parenting. But I survived and signed up for a pack of 10 private lessons – because I am a control freak – even though it was MUCH harder than doing a group class. Danica kept telling me I should just come to class and that I’d ace it but I thought she was just being kind.

Twenty privates later (!), I made it to my first class and she was right; it wasn’t as bad as my brain had convinced myself it would be – and it was also much easier to work with the flow and energy of people on either side of you. Especially when they’re also swearing and eye rolling at the same time. I’ve been at Physicore for a few years now and am happiest when I can get four sessions in a week.

My top 3 loves: 

  1. How I feel when it’s over! I’m a pretty positive person but after a class, I feel even more so. It’s a natural high that sets me up for whatever the day brings.
  2. My favourite trainers in Paddington who are inspiring, unrelenting, funny, and just excellent women in general.
  3. It’s the most efficient, full-body workout I’ve done and if you’re regular, you definitely see and feel the results.


What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in either your body or your training?

After working with a personal trainer, doing one-on-one boxing sessions, and regular pilates classes, Physicore has had the greatest impact on my body without doubt.
After you turn 40, you can’t get away with your old bad behaviour but the Lagree method keeps me from plummeting into a middle-aged mess.
The downside: I can no longer fit into some of my favourite clothes as I’ve gone from being ’slim fat’ to strong and toned. I now have a firm peach for a bum and lats and a broader back. I also feel strong and more body confident.

Fave exercise: Child’s pose. [I am a deeply lazy person at heart.]

Nemesis: COBRA!!!!! I swear internally every time the trainer announces it. And that bloody SPOON would have to be a close #2.

Physicore is… Humbling. Mood lifting. Shape shifting. In that order! Just do it.

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