Combining Cardio, Pilates, Endurance and Strength Training, Surry Hills is Now Home to the Megaformer.

When looking to improve muscle tone, many people look to resistance and strength training. While this approach can be very effective, who has time to spend hours in the gym lifting heavy weights, often with no professional guidance? Muscle tone, weight loss, and improved fitness can all be achieved much more efficiently using the Megaformer, a workout which incorporates cardio, strength and toning exercises. If you’re not getting the results you want and are looking to ramp up your strength training, try Physicore in Surry Hills. If the endorphins don’t keep you coming back, then the amazing results will.

The Megaformer workout is a 50 minute total-body workout. It combines elements of cardio, core, endurance and strength training to give you an intense and highly efficient workout that will develop lean muscle, burn fat and leave you feeling like you’ll never want to step foot in a gym again. Often described as being ‘Pilates on steroids’, the Megaformer represents an evolutionary next step from the traditional Pilates reformer.

In a typical Megaformer class, our trainers will lead you through a fast-paced, series of precisely controlled exercises, seamlessly transitioning from one movement to the next, with no breaks in between. The emphasis is on slow, controlled movements, which helps to stimulate slow-twitch muscle fibres and is super effective for burning fat. Forget spending long hours and late nights strength training at the gym, the Megaformer will save you time and leave with lean muscle definition and a core made of steel.

Also available at our Surry Hills studio is TRX, which incorporates the same high intensity 50 minute experience as the Megaformer. TRX workouts are fast, using quick, controlled, explosive movements. TRX utilizes suspended straps and handles that allow your own body weight to provide the resistance component of the workout. Simply re-positioning the body allows for precise control of the level of resistance making TRX suitable for all levels of fitness. A TRX workout is many things rolled into one: strength training, core stabilization, cardio and balance. All within an intimate studio space that is capped at just 8 clients per class.

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