Strength Training in Sydney: Physicore’s Workouts Will Save you Hours in the Gym.

When you think about strength training, what comes to mind? If you’re picturing weight benches, weight machines, and hours on end spent in front of a mirror with a hundred other sweaty people, then you’re doing it wrong. At Physicore, our unique workouts offer some of the most effective strength training you’ll find. Introducing the Megaformer: a 50 minutes workout that will challenge every muscle in your body.

Megaformer was developed by celebrity trainer, Sebastien Lagree, in Los Angeles. The Megaformer is the evolutionary next step in reformer Pilates, facilitating a completely new fitness method called Lagree Fitness. Using resistance and controlled movements, the Megaformer offers an intense, exciting and challenging workout. Physicore is the exclusive licensee of Megaformer in Sydney.

Incorporating elements of cardio, strength training, Pilates, core and endurance training, the Megaformer will have you shaking, sweating, and burning your way to your strongest body yet. The routine varies every class, so your body never reaches a plateau and you never get bored with your workout. With this unique approach to fitness and strength training, combined with a personalised training and boutique studio experience, the choice for Sydney-siders has never been so obvious.

At Physicore, we also offer a variety of membership and pay-as-you-go options, so you’ll never be a prisoner of your gym contract again. Give us a chance to show you just how fun and efficient our workouts can be. We can’t wait to introduce you our Physicore family!

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