Have You Ever Wanted To Try TRX and Kettlebell workouts in Sydney?

Physicore has a dedicated TRX room in its recently opened studio in Surry Hills. Developed by the US military, TRX is the ultimate functional training workout where strengthening, toning and endurance are combined in perfect harmony with a high tempo cardio hit. Come and work out in our intimate and personalised TRX room, which caters for no more than 8 people per class ensuring far more scrutiny from your trainer.

Across three studio locations in Sydney, Physicore’s portfolio of full body workouts has been offering Sydney-siders something new, exciting and rewarding. With all classes lasting just 50 minutes, our mission is to give you a stronger, leaner and fitter body without needing to spend half a lifetime in the gym. Physicore’s signature Megaformer class brings the latest in reformer Pilates technology straight from LA and is exclusively available only at Physicore.

In addition to TRX and Megaformer, Physicore offers Kettlecore, a hybrid workout featuring kettlebells in combination with the Megaformer. Kettlebells, a type of weight that can be swung and used in ballistic movements, are an amazing tool to take your strength conditioning to the next level and are the perfect complement to our transformative full body workouts. Kettlecore is an intermediate class, requiring clients to have attended at least ten Megaformer classes first.

Our boutiques studios in Mosman, Paddington, and Surry Hills are open from 6:00 am to 8:30 pm, meaning you can choose to train with us at your convenience. 50 minutes out of your day is all it takes to start getting your body on track to being the best its ever been. Unsure about whether or not Physicore is the right fitness option for you? Try our new client special for only $40. You’ll be able to attend four classes within two weeks. We know that if the endorphins don’t get you hooked, the fast results will! Have other questions? Simply call us on 02 8964 8285 or send us an email: info@physicore.com.au

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