Mastered the Megaformer? Time to take your sweat to the next level with MegaHIIT!

MegaHIIT is an intermediate level class that combines the strength and conditioning elements of our signature Megaformer class with blasts of high intensity interval training (HIIT).  The HIIT component is predominantly plyometric (fast, power-based) bodyweight movements, however kettlebells and dumbbells may be incorporated at the instructor’s discretion.  MegaHIIT will elevate your heart rate to new heights, fire up your metabolism, promote your strength and endurance and fill you with happy endorphins! The ultimate bang for your buck in just 50 minutes and the perfect accompaniment to the Megaformer. Expect to be pushed to your limits – and even beyond!

Available at all Physicore studio locations. Only suitable for clients who have completed at least FOUR Megaformer classes.